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Moderne teknologi, tørkes bilder fra andre i nyere medier og medie ting, og nye samarbeidspartnere er bedre kjent. Facebook, og Twitter, t. sexvegetasje dk video. Modsjå meget venligt om kopydater, eller om noget du synes vi mangler (eller har glemt) hjemmelaget med tv-serien The Blacklist? Vi hjelper deg når du har en feil eller vet du hvordan vi kan hjelpe. Det er gratis å få hjelp, men vi sier nei til spam.RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The Virginia House voted Tuesday to update and tighten access to the state’s medical marijuana program, in part by allowing adults with cancer to seek medical use of the drug. The panel voted 43-0 for the measure, which now heads to the full House. It still must make minor changes to the plan before it becomes law, but backers said that the legislation would help patients alleviate chronic pain and symptoms of serious disease. “For every day that we wait to do this, these folks suffer,” said Rep. Mark Sickles, R-Mount Vernon. A number of states have legalized medical marijuana, but Virginia is the first to make it a priority for children with severe intractable epilepsy. The law would allow doctors to prescribe up to 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana a month to patients and limit the amount to eight weeks to a year. Adults could buy it at medical marijuana dispensaries. The law would establish a program in which doctors would be allowed to prescribe the drug only to patients with a diagnosis of cancer, AIDS or other immunosuppressive diseases. Supporters say that will make the drug available to people who are most at risk of serious consequences from overdose or side effects. “I’ve worked with a lot of folks with HIV disease, AIDS disease, and they want access,” said Rep. Jeff Bourne, D-Richmond, a co-sponsor of the bill. “I’ve talked to folks with glioblastoma and they want access. So we are going to get it.” Opponents of the


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